MAPA Krynit 600

MAPA Krynit 600

Cut, Grip and Skin protection for very oily environments

  • Cut and oilproof. Fully dipped, repeals oil penetration, reduce dermatitis while ensuring you cut protection
  • Grip & Proof coating ensures an excellent grip in oily environments.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance due to nitrile coating
  • Unbeatable fingertip sensitivity.
  • Long lasting and cost effective: washable until 5 cleaning cycles (see laundering and drying conditions)

Automotive/mechanical industry

  • Pump manufacturing
  • Machining parts using cutting oil
  • Handling oily mechanical parts
  • Handling and sorting small, sharp parts
  • Bodywork assembl

Other industries

  • Maintenance in wet environments
  • Machine maintenance
  • Glass working

Mechanical industry

  • Maintenance in wet environments (water, oil, greases, hydrocarbons)
  • Precision assembly
  • Cutting and stamping metal

Fully dipped for a better skin protection.

*Krynit Grip and Proof 600
*PN.Krynit 600

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