100% Kevlar Glove

100% Kevlar Glove

100% Kevlar seamless knitted glove

Kevlar knit gloves are used for general purpose work applications to provide cut and abrasion resistance, using high performance yarns, to further protect the hands when working with sharp objects. Material weights provide longer durability or additional dexterity where needed.

The Kevlar fibre offers excellent cutting resistance and outstanding protection against thermal hazards in a dry atmosphere.

The knitting technique gives the gloves perfect support, limits the penetration of dirt and offers a good touch. The gloves are ambidextrous and thus more cost-effective. The cotton lining reinforces the gloves’ mechanical performance while absorbing hand perspiration for added comfort.

Harmlessness :
In conformity with the European standards.

*Material: 100% Kevlar
*Gauge: 7
*Features: 100% Kevlar Knitted Glove